Jual Modem Wavecom M1206B Q2406B USB

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Jual Modem Wavecom M1206B Q2406B USB

Post  fxmatix on Fri Apr 29, 2011 9:05 pm

Jual Modem Wavecom M1206B Q2406B USB

Buat yang minat bisa order langsung di www.supershop.co.id
email : sales@supershop.co.id

spek barang :

Nama Produk : Wavecom M1206B Q2406B USB
Garansi : Garansi 1 Tahun (Replace and Sparepart)
Negara Asal : China
BERAT : 0.50 Kg

Informasi Produk

Products Name:RS232 GPRS MODEM
Products Model:HT2403R
Products Interface: RS232
Products Module:Base on Wavecom Q2406B Module
Products Band:Dual-band (900/1800 MHz)
Products function:sms.fax.data.voice(insert phone)

Product description:
Industrial design
Aluminum casing
Wireless access to internet
Based on Wavecom module Q2406B
Dual-band 900/1800MHZ
Basic Functions
Ease to use, reliable and flexible
Support dual band GSM/GPRS
Complied with ETSI GSM Phase 2+ standard
Support A5/1&A5/5 encrypted arithmetic
Enhanced Functions
GPRS link detection and redial (work with Microsoft dialup software)
Support dialup control
Send SMS via PC
The ultra compact dual-band GF-2000 GPRS Modem has all the right industry standard interfaces for GPRS Class 8 data, voice, SMS and fax applications. It can be powered by a wide range of voltages. A built-in SIM card reader makes it easy to plug the GF-2000 GPRS Modem into your application. It has full type approval according to R&TTE, GCF as well as approvals for E-marking.

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